Julia Riddiough

All images © Julia Riddiough
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Image Locations
Colour, sound 0.51 2016

This short film is the starting point for an exploration into the construction of social reality and how we use, consume, situate and view our everyday surroundings. The idea was developed whilst participating in a residency programme in Los Angeles watching the top twenty films that showcase L.A. (using L.A. as a backdrop or theme exploring the way L.A. has been presented in narrative movies). Taking in part it’s inspiration from Los Angeles Plays Itself by Thom Andersen (2003) that consists mostly of shots from other films, Andersen compares the city as it exists in real life with its depictions on screen and explains how film directors portray the city itself as a character. The short film ‘Image Locations’ uses found imagery culled from online companies that offer film locations across L.A. depicting real sites for hire. The film starts with interior views expanding to exterior views that are often used to illustrate L.A. in other fictional portrayals be it on film, on screen but also how we ourselves see a city and it’s iconic mythical sights and their meanings and representations.

Film here: