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Something for the Weekend, Sir?

A series of exhibitions staged in working barbershops and art festivals that bring together solo projects by two artists in conversation, Sadie Hennessy and Julia Riddiough. While the works are to be viewed and understood as separate entities, they also interweave and are in dialogue with one another.
Something for the Weekend, Sir? considers what it means to be a man today; caught in an undefined and contradictory state this project explores masculinity from a range of perspectives.

Encompassing photography, video and printed material Clip Cut Gel by Julia Riddiough includes the exhibition of three works that address male grooming, masculinity, the gaze and the painful compulsions of male sexuality. These include: the photographic series; Toy Boy, Rough Trade & Play Boy; the artist film Clip Cut Gel and the limited edition artist book Barber Shop. Clip Cut Gel reveals amplified masculine characteristics; drawn from male stereotypes that we see in the visual language and plays with the way the male is looked at and builds this into a spectacle itself. Whilst Sadie Hennessy explores themes of identity and personal representation investigating the role of men in society, men trapped operating under the constant weight of political guilt trying to find a balance that works.


Photographic Series
Toy Boy, Rough Trade & Playboy
25 x 20cm
Photographic print framed
Acid free archival paper 285gsm
Limited Edition of 10

Artist film 'Clip Cut Gel'
Colour /Sound 3’ 25” DVD
Limited Edition of 10

Artist’s book ‘Barber Shop’
Landscape 25 x 20cm
20pp + 4pp Hardcover full colour
Digital print on 170gsm paper
Limited Edition 50
Book Preview available here

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