Julia Riddiough

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Artist Book
Full Colour Limited Edition
22 pages + 4pp Cover

A residency project exploring art, yoga and ecology in an alpine desert location in a national park in Spain, investigating the connections between walking, meditation, mantra, colour and chakras. Drawing on Raja Yoga principles whilst walking in nature on seven different occasions; linking the Bija (seed) mantras focusing on one of the seven chakras found in the body whilst simultaneously visualising its corresponding colour.

A continuous cycle of walking and contemplation engaging the wheels of energy created
by each chakra from the root to the crown of the head that include grounding, creativity, power, balance, self-expression, imagination and connection. Mantra is an artist book recording these walks and can be used to create your own walking meditations.

Residency: Joya Art & Ecology, Spain. December 2017

Full project here

Cortijo los Gazquez (above) Velez Blanco (below)